News from Hilo, Hawaii
Wednesday, May 29, 2002
Maiden voyage - Above, Connections Charter School math teacher Peter Morton, left, assists as four of his students launch a 15-foot skiff on its maiden voyage Tuesday in Hilo Bay. Putting their entrepreneurial skills to the test, 15 Connections students in grades 9 to 11 conducted fund-raisers and solicited donations from HPM Building Supply and Ace Hardware, then pitched in to build two plywood vessels, christened "Ren" and "Stimpy." The students plan to use the boats briefly for recreational and learning purposes, then sell them at a profit and use the proceeds to fund their end-of- the-school-year party. Inset photo, student James Akau, standing, tests the seaworthiness and stability of the newly launched skiff, while Kawena Brown and Libu Kyota help steady the craft. T-H photos by William Ing