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 Hawaii Tribune Herald 9/23/20 - Private and charter schools return to in-person classes amid pandemic with few problems

Hawaii Tribune Herald 2/9/20 - Appeals court sends charter school's permit request back to Windward Planning Commission

Honolulu Civil Beat 4/1/19 - Charter School Clampdown Has Educators Worried About Their Independence

Hawaii Tribune Herald 12/5/17-Connections students learn about recycling through project that upcycles bottle caps

Hawaii Tribune Herald 9/28/17 -Fewer Big Island charter school students meet Strive HI standards

Hawaii Tribune Herald 11/1/16 -Kress building available for events

Youth Voices - IUCN World Conservation Congress Connections Project

Hawaii Tribune Herald 8/26/16 - 'Alala comback nears

Honolulu Star Advertiser 8/3/16 - Increase in charter schools' authorizers sought

Honolulu Civil Beat 7/27/16 - Ian Lind: Ethics Commission Takes A Licking

Star Advertiser 7/26/16 - Court clears charter school employee of ethics rap

Hawaii Tribune Herald 7/20/16 - State Supreme Court reverses ethics ruling against charter school employee

Honolulu Civil Beat 7/20/16 - School Cleared in Ethics Case

Keola Magazine - Connections Public Charter School

Honolulu Civil Beat - Hawaii's Charter School Overseers Are Feeling "Under Assault"

Star Advertiser 1/20/16 - Charter schools rip commission overseeing them

Tribune-Herald 1/14/16 - Connections school still determined to move to Kaumana

Honolulu Civil Beat 11/30/15- Disagreements Over Charter School Oversight Coming To A Head

Zero Chance of Passage 6/15/15 - Hilo's Studio Shaka - First High Tech Youth Network in US

Zero Chance of Passage 6/11/15 - Hilo's Connections Public Charter School: Student- powered Learning

Adobe for Education - Creating links between culture and technology at Connections Public Charter School

Adobe Customer Story - Connections Public Charter School, giving students a sense of purpose.

Tribune-Herald 9/1/14- Isle students to stay overnight in HI-SEAS habitat

The Garden Isle 7/19/14 - Lights, camera and creativity

Tribune-Herald 6/20/14- One Rhythm wins first at Brown Bags to Stardom

Tribune-Herald 6/15/14- Connections battle to build heads to court

Hiki No - Cyril Pahinui teaching at Connections -large video file, you can also watch full episode on youtube:


Honolulu Civil Beat 2/7/14 - Quiz Time: Will Hawaii Lawmakers Pass the Charter Schools Test?

You Tube- HTYN: Connecting Youth, Growing Culture

Honolulu Civil Beat 1/24/14 - Hawaii Charter School Wants Ethics Commission to Quit Being a 'Bully'

HSFCA E News - Community News: A Multi-Cultural Exchange Between the Big Island and St. Paul, Minnesota

Honolulu Civil Beat 11/22/13- Learning Hilo The New Voyage

Honolulu Civil Beat 11/19/13- Learning Hilo School's In

Honolulu Civil Beat 9/18/13 - Hawaii Charter Schools in Limbo Over Teacher Evaluations

Tribune-Herald 9/14/13- A message of peace

Tribune-Herald 7/29/13- High Tech wood shop

Tribune-Herald 7/18/13 - 1.8 Million released for Big Isle projects

HTNY & Connections Press Release - New Zealand delegation to visit Connections

Tribune-Herald 2/5/13 - Student tech program may come

Tribune-Herald 1/15/13 - Panel poised to nix charter school plan

Tribune-Herald 12/7/12 - Shady Grove permit approved

Tribune-Herald 11/11/12 - Connections charter school faces more delays

Tribune-Herald 11/04/12- Steamy Chow dies at age 90

Tribune-Herald 10/23/12 - Connections charter school may be fined

Tribune-Herald 9/21/12 - Proposed charter school moves forward

Tribune-Herald 5/10/12 - Video Storms Internet

Big Island Weekly 5/2/12 - Defining Happiness

Tribune-Herald 4/23/12 - "Project Happiness" highlights benefit

KTA Store's Channel - Intercultural Exchange (Windows Media Player File)

Tribune-Herald 1/31/12 - Connections to drop lawsuit

Tribune-Herald 9/19/11 - Inkan ambassadors

Star Advertiser 9/11/11 - Charter school sues to block ethics query

Q'ero Press Release -Q'ero Nation Student Visit

Tribune-Herald 8/27/11 - Charter school suing state panels

Hawaii Public Radio Bytemarks Cafe (radio show) 6/1/11 - Makery founder Neil Scott and Big Island Charter school principal John Thatcher

WAM/FIN Hearing 4/15/11 - John Thatcher testifies to Senate Committee on Ways and Means and the House Committee on Finance (starts at 7:45)

Honolulu Civil Beat 4/5/11 - 'Makery' Could Encourage Hawaii Entrepreneurship

The Conversation (Hawaii Public Radio) 3/3/11 - John Thatcher talks about the state of charter schools

Star Advertiser 2/4/11 - Charter school director is asked to leave

Tribune-Herald 11/9/10 - Charter school project advances

Tribune-Herald 9/7/10 - Hilo Rotarians make 'Connection'

Tribune-Herald 8/25/09 - Connections charter school plans campus in Kaumana

Tribune-Herald 7/5/09 - Connections students to China

Tribune-Herald 6/4/09 - Law boosts charter schools

Tribune-Herald 5/11/09 - Connections campus lacks permit

Honolulu Advertiser 3/2/09 - Charters may get facilities funding

Star Bulletin 12/29/08 - Big Isle 'living legend' recalls old Hilo

East-West Center - Islamic Boarding School Leaders from Indonesia Visit U.S. Schools in East-West Center Exchange Program

KHON2 - Broader School Cuts Widen Outcry

Star Bulletin 10/6/08 - Crippling cuts await isle charter schools

Honolulu Advertiser 10/6/08 - Charter schools object to DOE plan to cut $1.9M for coordinators

Tribune-Herald 9/29/08 - 'Steamy' Chow recalls Hilo life in new book

Tribune-Herald 9/28/08 - DOE cuts blasted by charters

Star Bulletin 9/6/08 - Director of charter schools quits

Tribune-Herald 6/09/08 - Exercise and eating right will be emphasized

Honolulu Advertiser 5/11/08 - Tough decisions for Hawaii schools

Tribune-Herald 5/08/08 - Charter schools in tight times

Honolulu Advertiser 4/23/08 - Charter schools prove they make a difference

Honolulu Advertiser 4/23/08 - Charter schools need stable budget formula

Tribune-Herald 4/20/08 - Ready for a tsunami?

Hawaii Public Radio - Interview with John Thatcher and others on charter schools in Hawaii

Tribune-Herald 1/13/08 - Student art exhibit focuses on peace

Star Bulletin 12/15/07 - Charter schools leader upbeat

West Hawaii Today 12/11/07 - Federal Funding

Tribune-Herald 11/30/07 - Charter school popularity rising

Tribune-Herald 10/12/07 - Closer to improving Hilo Bay

Star Bulletin 9/21/07 - A new panel peeves the interim chief, who threatens to give her resignation

Tribune-Herald 9/20/07 - Charter schools panel struggles to find its way

Big Island Weekly 9/05/07 - Powwow

Tribune-Herald 7/13/07 - Machinery in motion

East West Center - Three Hawaii High Schoolers Headed for Cambodia

Tribune-Herald 3/30/07 - Lawmakers lectured by charter school reps

Honolulu Advertiser 1/28/07 - Reading aloud helping build better writers

Honolulu Advertiser 12/26/06 - Charter school's bold move

Tribune-Herald 12/23/06 - School gets connected

Honolulu Advertiser 11/15/06- BOE minutes reveal members voted 10-1 not to retain Shon

Star Bulletin 11/15/06 - Board minutes show most voted to fire Shon

Tribune-Herald 10/20/06 - Budget for schools OK

Tribune-Herald 10/6/06 - Stormy inside and out

Tribune-Herald 10/5/06 - Decision on charter budget is postponed

Tribune-Herald 9/22/06 - BOE stalls on charter director

Star Bulletin 9/22/06 - BOE to name charter schools director

Star Bulletin 9/12/06 - Shon's dismissal causes BOE-charter schools 'rift'

Tribune-Herald 9/06/06 - State charter school leader fired - Big Isle officials shocked

Tribune-Herald 9/06/06 - State charter school leader fired - BOE says Shon wasn't taking program in right direction

Tribune-Herald 8/03/06 - Hilo's newest high school

Tribune-Herald 6/24/06 - Engineers Wanted

Island Issues Radio Show 6/18/06 - Radio interview with John Thatcher about education (15MB file in MP3 format)

Star Bulletin 6/1/06 - The Wormy Way

Tribune-Herald 5/22/06 - Introducing Adam Sanders

Tribune-Herald 1/27/06 - Turtle Power

Bloomington Herald-Times 11/18/05 - Students from Hawaii learn from Harmony

Tribune-Herald 8/28/05 - State leery of online schools|Charter schools' effort to expand offerings put off

Tribune-Herald 8/28/05 - K12 Inc. has impressive credentials

Tribune-Herald 6/02/05 - Law helps charter schools

Star Bulletin 5/5/05 - Charter schools getting shorted on funding, officials say

Star Bulletin 4/23/05 - Charter school protest budget

Kauai Garden Isle News 4/23/05 - Kauai charter schools take quest for 'funding equity' to State Building

Maui News 4/23/05 -Charter school seeks fair funding as students, faculty stage rally

Honolulu Advertiser 4/22/05 - Charter schools see major growth

Tribune-Herald 4/12/05 - No test cheaters on the Big Island

Tribune-Herald 1/15/05 - Aid concert and Connections students raise money for Tsunami relief

Honolulu Advertiser 12/30/04 - Pledge to universe starts each day

Tribune-Herald 12/10/04 - Star Teachers' aim high

Hawaii Island Journal 12/04 - The Future of downtown Hilo

Star Bulletin 9/3/04 - Charters top public schools on exam

Honolulu Advertiser 9/3/04 - Charter schools compare well

Honolulu Advertiser 9/2/04 - Seven named science semifinalists

Tribune-Herald 8/15/04 - World Sprints provide special aloha for all paddlers

Tribune-Herald 8/14/04 - Great show in Hilo providing loads of drama

Tribune-Herald 11/21/03 - Charter Schools waiting for exec

Hawaii Island Journal 11/03 - No School Left Ahead? "No Child Left Behind" Program May Be Leaving Schools in the Lurch

Hawaii Island Journal 11/03 - Charter Schools in Hawaii: A New Beginning?

CARE 8/03/03 - Charter Schools shafted by DOE

West Hawaii Today 7/15/03 - Charter school wins lawsuit

Star Bulletin 7/14/03 - Charter school wins state suit

Tribune-Herald 7/11/03 - Astronaut lands in Hilo

Star Bulletin 4/03/03 - Science projects impress judges

Tribune-Herald 1/31/03 - Year of the Ram fest at Kalakaua Park

News@UH Winter 02 - Can Second-Graders Measure Up?

Honolulu Star Bulletin 12/3/02 - Charter schools complain about lack of funding for SPED students

Tribune-Herald 11/26/02 - BOE Chairperson Watanabe agrees charter schools should receive SPED funding

Honolulu Advertiser 11/26/02 - Editorial about Special Education and charter schools

Honolulu Advertiser 11/25/02 - Lack of SPED funding puts charter schools at odds with DOE

Honolulu Star Bulletin 10/19/02 - BOE "not used to working with charter schools"

Tribune-Herald 10/18/02 - No funding for Special Education students at Charter Schools

Tribune-Herald 8/23/02 - Helping Hilo

Honolulu Star Bulletin 7/28/02 - Price of Paradise series on No Child Left Behind

Tribune-Herald 7/23/02 - No Child Left Behind implications at public schools including charters

Tribune-Herald 5/29/02 - High School students launch boat

Tribune-Herald 5/9/02 - SB 2512 enrolled to Governor; increased funding for charter schools possible

Honolulu Star Bulletin 4/18/02 - Overlooked federal charter schools funds located

Honolulu Star Bulletin 4/15/02 - Lack of state funds forces Connections to shut down classes for high school students

Tribune-Herald 4/3/02 - High School program at Connections eliminated for upcoming year due to lack of sufficient state funding

Honolulu Star Bulletin 3/29/02 - Circuit Judge Greg Nakamura denies motion for summary judgment

Honolulu Star Bulletin 3/29/02 - Auditor allocates additional funds to charter schools

Tribune-Herald 3/21/02 - March in support of equal funding for charter schools

Honolulu Advertiser 2/3/02 - Another charter school, Voyager, files suit against state officials

Honolulu Advertiser 1/14/02 - Connections' lawsuit headed for Big Island courtroom

Honolulu Star Bulletin 1/11/02 - Connections sues state officials for failing to provide proper funding to the school

Tribune Herald 1/11/02 - BOE members served with lawsuit by Connections Public Charter School

Tribune-Herald 11/11/01 - Second annual conference of the Hawaii Association of Charter Schools held at Naniloa Hotel in Hilo

Honolulu Advertiser 11/1/01 - Connections Public Charter School moves to new location in Hilo

Tribune-Herald 5/23/01 - Charter schools feature community feel

Honolulu Star Bulletin 5/1/01 - Controversial bill opposed by charter schools community

Honolulu Star Bulletin 8/14/00 - Four new charter schools profiled

Governor signs charters - Governor Cayetano distributes charters at ceremony for first New Century Public Charter Schools

Honolulu Star Bulletin 4/21/00 - Connections becomes first school in state to be chartered under new law

Honolulu Advertiser 4/20/00 - Approval of Connections' charter on the agenda

Tribune-Herald 2/24/99 - Supplies for needy kids bound for Micronesia

Honolulu Star Bulletin 8/21/98 - Mt. View Principal Iwamoto's decision to close Connections overruled by interim state schools superintendent

BOE testimony 8/6/98 - Testimony in support of the continuation of Connections School-Within-A-School

Honolulu Star Bulletin 4/17/98 - Threat to close Connections School-Within-A-School

BOE testimony 1/8/98 - Request for BOE to establish guidelines and to support the continuation of the Connections School-Within-A-School

School program raises DOE concerns - Mountain View Elementry has a school-within-school


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